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Due to their weaker nature, elderly persons tend to be more vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Any family member or close friend who suspects such abuse has the responsibility to take action against it. If you suspect elder abuse against a loved one, call Newman Law Group LLP today for a caring and skilled attorney who could answer your questions and help you obtain justice.

With over a decade of experience, Attorney Daniel Newman has been expanding his knowledge, skill and experience. As a result, he has been able to successfully try over 50 cases! Call our offices immediately if you need a qualified Sacramento nursing home abuse lawyer. Our firm can provide you advice and representation in the following areas.

Elder Abuse Practice Areas

Outside of the home, nursing homes are the number one area where elder abuse occurs. Family members tend to trust nursing facilities to provide necessary care for their elderly loved ones, which is why abuse can go unnoticed for long periods of time. There are varying types of elder abuse that can attack the body, mind, emotions and even their financial resources.

One of the most common types of abuse involves physical health and wellness, with various issues arising such as:

It is imperative that if you suspect foul play that you seek legal guidance before any further physical harm befalls your loved ones. In some cases, sexual abuse or emotional barraging may even be to blame for their conditions. Call the firm today for the help you need.

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Don't let your loved ones suffer such injustice. Call Newman & Broomand LLP right away for a free consultation to learn how you could fight for compensation. With our experienced representation, you could hold the abusive party (or parties) responsible for their cruelty and require the payment that is necessary to cover the suffering, injury and emotional trauma your loved one has experienced. The sooner you call, the better, so don't wait! Defend your loved one from cruel abuse.

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