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Understanding Medication Error

Elder Abuse Claims in CA

As a person grows older, it becomes necessary for them to take certain medications in order to maintain their health. Eventually they may become so dependent on others for care that it becomes the responsibility of the family or an elder care facility to monitor their medications. This is when elder abuse through medication error may become possible.

There are many different types of elder abuse, such as physical abuse, emotional abuse and financial abuse. When a caregiver is negligent regarding an elderly person's medication, the following accidents can occur:

  • Overdose
  • Not enough medication to treat the symptoms
  • Consumption of the wrong medication
  • Unnecessary side-effects

If you suspect such lack of proper care in a nursing home or care facility, take legal action right away. Contact a qualified lawyer to discuss your situation and determine what steps you should take. By hiring an elder abuse lawyer, you will have extensive knowledge, resources and skill on your side to help you obtain the compensation your loved one deserves. They abusive party or parties should pay for the suffering they have caused. Call Newman Law Group LLP today for the representation you need from a nursing home abuse attorney.

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