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Wandering & Elopement

Elder Abuse in Sacramento, CA

In cases where an elderly person is in need of care-whether it is at home, in a nursing home, or in an assisted living facility-it may be due to cognitive loss, such as patients suffering from Alzheimer's. Patients in these conditions may need special supervision in order to prevent unnecessary wandering, because they may enter into a harmful situation without being aware of the danger. Even elderly people who don't suffer from cognitive loss can wander, certain that they are in control of the situation. If they do not return, it is called "elopement." Any caretaker who demonstrates negligence by letting the patient wander or elope may be held responsible for elder abuse. Obtain the representation you deserve from a Sacramento elder abuse lawyer.

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After discovering that someone you love may be suffering elder abuse, you may be emotionally overwhelmed. However, the most important decision you can make at this time is to hire a competent lawyer. Newman & Broomand LLP could provide excellent legal counsel, guiding you through this difficult time and fighting for justice on behalf of your loved one. Your case evaluation is absolutely free, so don't hesitate to contact our offices as soon as possible.

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In elder abuse or nursing home abuse cases, it is vitally important to retain a firm with extensive experience and reputable credentials. At Newman Law Group LLP, we have years of legal experience and have been highly recognized for our excellence and ethics. Find out for yourself how we could help by consulting with a member of our team today.

Contact Newman Law Group LLP immediately if your elderly loved one is being allowed to wander unchecked. They could suffer injury unless you hold the negligent party responsible.

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