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Every year, thousands of elderly individuals suffer physical abuse at the hands of family, friends and caretakers who should be looking out for their well-being. In most cases, a person is cared for by their family in their old age, though some are placed in assisted living or nursing homes. Either way, abuse is quite possible. Elderly people are not always able to protect themselves and could be subjected to the physical abuse of their caretaker. Elder abuse is an unfortunately common occurrence across the country and comes in several forms, one of which is physical abuse.

When to Suspect Physical Elder Abuse

When an elderly person or nursing home resident is wrongfully struck, hit, slapped, kicked, or restrained, it could be physical abuse. Symptoms of such abuse include bruises or cuts, broken bones, inflamed areas, and swelling. A victim could also suffer emotional abuse due to the physical harm they have suffered, evident through fear, anxiety, depression or withdrawal. Call a Sacramento elder abuse lawyer immediately if you suspect that a loved one has been subjected to such injustice.

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