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Elderly Malnutrition Cases

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In nursing homes and other elder care facilities, malnutrition is a main sign of elder abuse. In fact, elder abuse is most common in homes, where older persons lack proper care from the family members responsible for their well-being. Perhaps it is to save money, or maybe it is done out of anger or hate, but withholding food and causing a patient or family member to become malnourished is cruel and deserving of legal action and compensation. If your friend or loved one has unexplainably lost weight, is weak or lethargic, is unusually hungry or even refuses to eat, they may be malnourished. Consult with a qualified nursing home abuse attorney to learn more.

What to Do In Case of Malnutrition Abuse

As a friend or family member of an abused elderly person, it is your duty to fight for their rights with the assistance of a Sacramento elder abuse lawyer. Newman Law Group LLP is dedicating to fighting injustice through caring counsel and aggressive representation. We have three decades of experience, giving us the expansive resources and knowledge to build a strong case and help you win maximum compensation. Malnutrition can lead to severe medical complications and conditions, so make sure you act immediately if your loved one is suffering from such terrible abuse.

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Newman Law Group LLP has what it takes to help you get the compensation your loved one deserves. Elder abuse is never excusable and we will stop at nothing to win your case. Learn whether or not you have a case by calling for a free initial consultation today. Our extensive experience in elder abuse is vital in putting together the strongest defense for your case.

To maximize compensation for your elderly loved one's malnutrition abuse, contact a Sacramento malnutrition lawyer from Newman Law Group LLP today.

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