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What is emotional abuse?

When most people think of abuse, they might automatically think of slaps, punches, kicks and other forms of physical harm. However, abuse can be inflicted through nothing but words. When a person threatens, insults, harasses, berates or scolds another person in a demeaning or frightening manner, emotional abuse may occur. This is sadly a common situation in nursing homes and other care facilities, where understaffing or overcrowding can cause tensions to run high in nurses and other care providers. When this happens, they stress is often released through elder abuse. Emotional harm can also be a result of resident-on-resident abuse. Whatever the situation, be sure to contact a Sacramento elder abuse attorney immediately if you suspect a loved one is being abused.

Signs of Emotional Abuse in an Elderly Person

Symptoms of emotional abuse vary. Due to the insults and blame that is commonly directed toward elderly persons who are dependent on the help of their caregivers, depression and emotional detachment is a possible signal. Fear is common as well when a patient is repeatedly threatened by an abuser. Victims may also become detached or introverted as a means of escape from the situation. If such signs are evident, get legal counsel and representation from a reputable firm right away.

Consult with a Sacramento Emotional Abuse Attorney

The sooner you obtain competent legal representation in an elder abuse situation, the better. At Newman Law Group LLP, we have been handling all kinds of elder abuse cases for over a decade. Some of our members also have previous experience as defense attorneys for elder abuse firms, so we have a thorough understanding of both the defense and the prosecution, giving us an edge in your case. Call today for a free case consultation to find out what our firm could do for you and your abused loved one.

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