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Sacramento Elder Abuse: Bedsores

What are bedsores?

A large number of nursing home patients and elderly persons are bedridden, or they are unable to reposition themselves or move from their bed or wheelchair. A common injury sustained due to such immobility is bedsores, also known as pressure sores or pressure ulcers. These sores occur when an area of skin loses circulation due to pressure, often caused in bony areas such as feet, hips, tail bones, shoulder blades and elbows.

Elderly people are particularly susceptible to such injury because of lower-than-average blood pressure, making it the duty of their caretakers to keep them mobile and to treat any sores that may occur before they get out of hand. Neglect or lack of proper care for such injuries could be proof of elder abuse.

How a Qualified Lawyer Could Help

In severe cases of pressure ulcers, the sores could become deep, extending into the dermis (fat layer) or even to muscle or bone. Without proper preventative treatment, infection could set in. Also, should bacteria enter the bloodstream, sepsis (blood poisoning) could result. If your loved one is suffering from bedsores and you believe that his or her caretakers are neglecting their wounds, get help from a California lawyer right away.

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As the friend or family member of an elder abuse victim, it is your responsibility to take legal action against the abusive individual or facility. At Newman & Broomand LLP, we have a experience handling elder abuse and nursing home abuse cases for more than a decade. With our assistance, you could win the highest possible payout for the pain, suffering and injury that your loved one has endured.

Call today for a free case evaluation. You have the ability to fight against those who have cruelly abused your loved one and caused them to suffer from bed sores and abuse. Contact Newman Law Group LLP today for more information.

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