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If you are caring for an elderly loved one, or if you have placed them in assisted living or a nursing home facility, then you understand the amount of care and treatment they require on a daily basis. Our elders deserve our respect and loving care, but it is an unfortunate fact that such respect is declining in today's culture. As a result, thousands of older people become victims of elder abuse every year. Most elderly people are not able to resist such abuse, which is why it is important for their friends and loved ones to contact an El Dorado elder abuse lawyer on their behalf.

Newman Law Group LLP has fought for justice and compensation on behalf of abused elders in Northern California for more than 30 years. No matter what case you or your loved one may be facing, we have the knowledge and resources to help you build a strong case and win fair compensation. Some of the lawyers at our firm even have past experience as elder abuse defense attorneys, which gives us insight into the opponent's course of action. Waiting to hire a skilled lawyer will only damage your chances of success, so call our office today to learn how we could represent you in any of the following areas.

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Though most cases of elder abuse occur at home, nursing home abuse is common, as well. The staff could cause a patient to suffer from lack of proper care in numerous ways physical, mentally and emotionally. For example, the staff might not properly supervise a resident who suffers from dementia or Alzheimer's. As a result, the patient could wander or elope, or they may attempt to do something they are unable to accomplish and suffer a serious fall.

Many patients are bedridden or bound to a wheelchair, which means they may be prone to developing bedsores because of pressure points and immobility. Sores and other injuries, if left uncared for, could result in sepsis (blood poisoning) that could spread throughout the entire body and cause death. Nursing home resident can also suffer from malnutrition and dehydration if nurses and staff do not provide adequate food or if they do not encourage residents to eat and drink necessary amounts. Medication errors can also cause serious illness or overdose, which can also lead to death.

Anyone who suspects abuse of an older person should understand the different types of elder abuse. Most cases involve some form of neglect. Verbal threats and insults, as well as neglect, can also be considered emotional abuse and cause a victim to become fearful, anxious, or depressed. If the person is hit, thrown around, or wrongfully restrained, they are victims of physical abuse. Sexual abuse could be inflicted by staff members, or even other patients. In fact, resident-on-resident abuse is quite common and comes in any form. An elderly person could also be financially abuse d by having their assets exploited or stolen, resulting in reduced income or poverty. Wrongful discharge is a form of abuse, as well, and is illegal. California state law prohibits hospitals and nursing facilities from transferring or discharging patients who still need care or who have not given their consent. If an elderly loved on has been abused in any of these ways, fight these injustices today by contacting a skilled lawyer.

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Call Newman Law Group LLP right away if you need excellent representation in an elder abuse case. With our experience and accumulated resource-which we have gained over 30 years in practice-you could build a strong case and maximize your compensation. Your loved one deserves to be repaid for their pain, and their abuser deserves justice. For a free comprehensive consultation on your case, call our offices as soon as possible. We would love to let you know how we could represent you.

Contact a Fairfield elder abuse attorney from Newman Law Group LLP today for the best chance of obtaining a higher payout. With our help, your loved one could receive fair compensation.

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