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Types of Elder Abuse in Sacramento

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It's hard to believe than anyone would purposely injure or exploit an elderly person's weakness. Nevertheless, thousands of men and women suffer from elder abuse every year. The first thing that comes to most people's mind when they hear the word "abuse" is physical violence, or maybe verbal aggression. These are indeed forms of abuse, but they are not the only ones that elderly people experience.

In general, there are seven types of elder abuse. Newman Law Group LLP is skilled in handling any of these kinds of cases. Educate yourself on these different kinds of elder abuse; then call our offices immediately if you believe that a loved one may be suffering such abuse. With our help, you could hold their abusers accountable and demand compensation. You need a qualified attorney for your elder abuse case in Sacramento who truly cares.

Elder Abuse in Northern California

  • Emotional Abuse - When a person is threatened, put down, blamed and otherwise despised, it can have a severely damaging effect on their emotional stability. This is one of the more common forms of elder abuse. Click here to learn more about emotional abuse.
  • Financial Abuse - Caretakers, medical professionals and nursing facilities have been known to force elderly people into paying more than necessary for their care. This could be accomplished through threats, force, manipulation or general exploitation. Click here to learn more about financial abuse.
  • Physical Abuse - There are not always reasons for why a elderly person is physically abused. Symptoms of such abuse include bruises, cuts, broken bones, emotional distance, confusion and fear. Click here to learn more about physical abuse.
  • Resident-on-Resident Abuse - Other patients in a nursing home or care facility could abuse an elderly person in any way. This may be due to dementia or some other loss of mental capacity, or it may be due to anger, fear or hate. Click here to learn more about resident-on-resident abuse.
  • Sexual Abuse - Because of their weakness and inability to defend themselves, older persons can also be subject to sexual abuse. Signs of such abuse include fear, depression, detachment and a refusal to speak about certain events. Click here to learn more about sexual abuse.
  • Wrongful Discharge - Elder abuse can also be evident in a wrongful discharge. Without proper medical care, an older person could suffer serious illness, injury or death. One might also note that it is illegal for a hospital to refuse care. Click here to learn more about wrongful discharge.

Hire an Elder Abuse Lawyer in Sacramento, CA

Call Newman Law Group LLP today to discuss your legal options regarding elder abuse and nursing home abuse. We offer a free case evaluation, so you won't have to pay a cent to learn how we could help. We have successfully brought over 50 trials to verdict, winning millions of dollars in compensation for our clients. You need a skilled and understanding lawyer in order to win adequate payment for your loved one's suffering, so call today to speak with a member of our team.

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