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One way in which an older person may suffer elder abuse is through the unauthorized use or exploitation of their finances. Because an elderly person is weaker and more susceptible to bullying, other individuals can threaten them and/or force the elderly person to pay them unlawfully, or they may simply steal the assets through wrongful access to their accounts or unauthorized use of their credit cards. Such abuse can result in severe financial damage or ruin for the victim, even resulting in poverty.

What to Do if Someone You Love Is Suffering Financial Abuse

If someone you love appears to have suffered a sudden drop in income, or if they are struggling to make payments, buy food or live at the comfort level they were at before, financial abuse may be the cause. Abuse victims may be afraid to speak about their abuser or be afraid to do so because of threats, so it is your duty as their friend or family member to find out who is causing them to suffer and to hold them responsible for their cruelty. Consult with a Sacramento elder abuse attorney today for excellent advice and guidance in the detailed legal process.

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At Newman Law Group LLP, we will stop at nothing until the abusive party is brought to justice and rightful compensation is obtained. Some of our members have previous experience as defense attorneys for elder law firms. This means that we understand how the opponent may be thinking and stay one step ahead in the legal process.

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