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Lack of Proper Care for the Elderly

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Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are supposed to provide supervision and medical care for the elderly who are no longer capable of living alone or caring for themselves. That is their purpose; yet every day, thousands of elderly individuals are not receiving the care they need in such facilities. In most cases, such elder abuse goes unnoticed for long periods of time. This can be due to intimidation on the part of the victim, or simply because the family of the victim does not recognize the signs of elder abuse.

Negligence in Nursing Homes

Lack of proper care can occur in numerous ways. Withholding food can result in malnutrition and dehydration. Medication errors can cause severe illness or side-effects. Many older persons wander into dangerous situations unless properly supervised. Bedsores and other infections may go unnoticed, resulting in sepsis and other serious medical conditions.

Anyone who suspects such negligence and abusive situations should speak with a Sacramento elder abuse lawyer as soon as is convenient. Only a skilled lawyer can provide a person with the highest chance of success in an elder abuse case. Your loved one deserves as much compensation as can possibly be recovered, so call Newman Law Group LLP today to discuss your options with a compassionate Placer nursing home abuse lawyer.

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