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Abandonment: A Crime Under California Law

Was your loved one abandoned?

Abuses against the elderly are terrible and sadly they come in manydifferent forms. While elder abuse can encompass physical abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect among others, it also takes the form of abandonment.

At Newman Law Group LLP, our entire practice is devoted to protecting the elderly from unthinkable crimes. With 30 years of combined experience and over 50 trials taken to verdict, you can be absolutely confident in our ability to advocate on behalf of your loved one. Abandonment is a crime under California law and we stand ready to help you bring justice to the person or facility who placed your family member in harm's way.

Abandonment – a Dangerous Form of Elder Abuse

The National Center on Elder Abuse defines abandonment as the desertion of an elderly person by someone who has assumed responsibility for providing car for the senior, or by an individual who has physical custody of the elder.

Signs of abandonment include, but are not limited to:

  • Deserting an elderly person at a hospital, nursing, or long-term facility
  • Deserting an elderly person at a public location
  • The elder's report that they were abandoned

What the Law Has to Say

Some states criminalize the act of abandoning an elderly person, and California is one of them. For example, under Penal Code §368(c), anyone who abandons an elder under circumstances or conditions other than those likely to produce great bodily harm or death are guilty of a misdemeanor.

Under Penal Code §368(b)(1)(2)(3), any individual who causes or permits the infliction of pain or mental suffering on an elderly or dependent adult under conditions or circumstances that are likely to cause great bodily injury or death:

  • May be imprisoned in the county jail for one year, or
  • In state prison for two to four years, or up to seven years if the victim suffered great bodily injury or death.

Seek help from an experienced elder abuse lawyer!

While abandonment does not involve direct physical abuse, it's physical and physiological effects can be equally severe. If your loved one was abandoned by a trusted caregiver, we urge you seek help from our Sacramento elder abuse attorneys.

In a free case evaluation, we will listen carefully to your situation and thoroughly explain your legal options. We have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients and we would be honored to help bring justice to those who harmed your loved one.

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