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Sacramento Elder Abuse: Falls & Injury

Causes of Falls & Injury for Elderly Persons

Supervision of the elderly is vital in care situations, especially if they suffer from cognitive loss or Alzheimer's. Wandering and elopement could place an elderly person in a dangerous situation and is a main cause of falls and injury in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Elderly people often are not aware of their physical limitations and may attempt to walk up or down steps, walk without necessary aid, or attempt to leave their bed or stand when they are not capable of doing so. A resulting fall could cause severe injury, including broken bones and traumatic brain injury. Osteoporosis is very common in the elderly, meaning that bones are easily broken, take long to heal, and are highly susceptible to infection.

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It is the caregiver's responsibility to prevent such actions. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities may attempt to blame their negligence or lack of proper care on their small staff or on the overcrowding of the facility, but it does not matter. Get help from an experienced Sacramento elder abuse lawyer today to start on the road to compensation and justice. You deserve the best nursing home abuse attorney in Northern California, so do not wait!

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If you suspect that your elderly loved one suffered a fall because of negligence or physical abuse, don't wait to get legal assistance. With counsel and representation from a member of Newman Law Group LLP, you could maximize your compensation. You can rest assured that we have the skill and knowledge to properly prepare and fight your case, as we have won over 50 cases, winning millions for our clients. It is nearly impossible to get the highest possible payout without such excellent representation, so call today for a free case evaluation. You won't have to pay a dime to learn exactly how we could help.

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