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Because of their weakness and vulnerability, elderly people are not always capable of defending themselves from elder abuse. Such maltreatment can occur at home with family, or it can be committed in a nursing home or assisted living facility. One kind of abuse that some victims suffer is sexual abuse, which can also be committed by other patients. Resident-on-resident abuse of every kind is possible, and sexual abuse is no exception. Get advice and representation from a Sacramento sexual elder abuse lawyer immediately if you or someone you know is experiencing such abuse.

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While in a nursing home, patients may be forced to engage in sexual acts, either by a member of the staff or another resident. Abusers may attempt to protect themselves by claiming that the victim gave consent, but this does not always mean that it was not sexual harassment or abuse. Even if an "of age" person consents to sexual activity, it is not recognized in a law suit if the person was threatened or forced to "give their consent." Elderly people can be subjected to such emotional abuse before being sexually abused. If you suspect that someone you love is being treated this way, call Newman Law Group LLP today.

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